Spartan Race

The people behind Spartan Race are smart. They have created a very tight, social community that keeps pumping money into their system as they recruit new participants. I personally have not competed in one of their races, but I am a fan and am willing.

Like many Crossfit companies, they have a WOD (workout of the day) that help you prepare for their events. I have done a few of these, and they’re detrimental to your ego. If you want to compete in a Spartan Race, first and foremost you need stamina, but you need to be more than a runner. You need full-body strength. You need to know how to clean-and-press, swim, rope climb and probably how to puke while you run. I am dying to try my hand at one of these races.

If Spartan Race’s calendar doesn’t fit yours, their closest competitor is Tough Mudder. Warrior Dash is a little light in the crazy department to match with these other two.

Here’s a video Spartan Race made. Some of the clips are from their Super Spartan, which you have to be invited to. It’s 40 straight hours, and the obstacles are scary.

I am challenging myself to be prepared for a Spartan Race within two months. Join me. It will be tough, time consuming and painful, but it will be fun.

And remember, at the end of pain is success.



“The man who has begun to live more seriously within begins to live more simply without.” –Ernest Hemingway

Come Jingle Jog with Red Dog, and win swag courtesy of The SF Marathon

I’ve got a great idea for you.

Tomorrow, December 15, at 6 p.m. is the annual Red Dog’s Jingle Jog in downtown Lawrence. It starts in the parking lot behind Kizer Cummings and makes a mile long loop through downtown. Come join us!

Here’s what you have to do: 1) Bring of couple a bucks to donate to Toys for Tots; 2) Dress in crazy Christmas gear; 3) Run a mile while you waive at people; and 4) Join the crew at the Dynamite Saloon afterwards to celebrate.

Or you can come donate, cheer, then booze at the Saloon.

The hosts politely ask you show up a tidbit before 6 p.m., so a quick group photo can be snapped.

The SF Marathon was nice enough to send me swag (Stuff We All Get) to hand out at this event — it appreciates Toys for Tots and runners who would dare wear Christmas sweaters and lights as they run. SO, I will give SF Marathon prizes to the first five people who find me at the Jingle Jog and tell me how beautiful my beard is. Yes, that is a requirement.

You’ll also get to meet the newest RTGF contributors, and they’re super. And if you’ve never met the famous Red Dog, I’ll introduce you to him.

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