Spartan Race

The people behind Spartan Race are smart. They have created a very tight, social community that keeps pumping money into their system as they recruit new participants. I personally have not competed in one of their races, but I am a fan and am willing.

Like many Crossfit companies, they have a WOD (workout of the day) that help you prepare for their events. I have done a few of these, and they’re detrimental to your ego. If you want to compete in a Spartan Race, first and foremost you need stamina, but you need to be more than a runner. You need full-body strength. You need to know how to clean-and-press, swim, rope climb and probably how to puke while you run. I am dying to try my hand at one of these races.

If Spartan Race’s calendar doesn’t fit yours, their closest competitor is Tough Mudder. Warrior Dash is a little light in the crazy department to match with these other two.

Here’s a video Spartan Race made. Some of the clips are from their Super Spartan, which you have to be invited to. It’s 40 straight hours, and the obstacles are scary.

I am challenging myself to be prepared for a Spartan Race within two months. Join me. It will be tough, time consuming and painful, but it will be fun.

And remember, at the end of pain is success.


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