I am a 2012 SF Marathon Ambassador; Also, Movember

What does it mean to be an ambassador? Picture Japan. Somewhere in Japan there is an American in a suit with an agenda. That American works for the U.S. government. Their job is to make America appear immaculate to the Japanese government, and by association, the Japanese population.

That’s me, except I will be representing the San Francisco Marathon, which is one of few organizations that needs no P.R. to help its image. I will represent them at events near me. I will tell everyone I see how great of an event it is (It is. If you know me, you know I wouldn’t represent something that wasn’t the best, sports teams not withstanding. I think that alone is the best testament I could give this race). I will help people train. I will help people eat smarter. And finally, I will run the 2012 Wipro SF Marathon in their name.

That is a loaded statement.

Like a husband asking a wife, “What’s wrong?” And her glaring, “Nothing.”

It’s an honor to represent this race. And my honor might find it’s way on display. This is terrifying and great. It’s going to force me to run harder than I did last race. I’m going to have to train and race my best. Great!

Now, I don’t have to run faster than last year. After all, as an ambassador I need to make sure other competitors are having the times of their lives. But I need to make sure I, too, am having the time of life. I can do that by racing well and pushing my limits. This is the motif I applied under; I am passionate about fitness, pushing myself, and this race, and would be privileged to help others feel this same way.

Thus, if you have any questions about the race, feel free to ask. I highly recommend it as an end of the summer event and vacation. You hear this often, but it’s one of about two places I’ve ever felt this way: You won’t want to leave.  Ask my brother and Tyler about their experience in San Francisco with Nick and me at the 2011 race. They’ll tell you they left their hearts there.

Sorry for playing on words.

Movember, aka No-Shave November

Fellas, don’t shave those ‘staches. What October was for the ladies and breast cancer awareness, November is for men and prostate cancer, the cancer afflicting the most men.

Grow a beard, bro.

I imagine you have the same reaction I typically have at first when hearing about “awareness” movements that seem superfluous and distant from its cause. The thing is this: You will know, and you are aware and capable of educating another. It’s similar to repeating a word or name three times in hopes of memorizing it. By growing a beard and/or Goucho Marx mustache, you will not forget the lesson of prostate cancer awareness. You will know the dangers and prevention/early detection methods.

Plus, if someone sees your sweet face salad, they might ask you why you grew it. Your answer might help them save their life one day.

Check back for awesome pictures of the Perry Street Boys’ beards and mustaches later.

Ryan and I will be training deep in the Rocky Mountains over the Thanksgiving break. That should result in epic beard, back dropped-by-mountains-and-snow running photos.


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