Over the San Francisco hills we go

Mile marker 26.2.

Here is my much delayed San Francisco Marathon timeline via Storify.

So, long ago I said I was going to Tweet and Facebook as Nick and I ran the SF Marathon.

Well, I did.

I then said I would take those Tweets and Facebook updates (turns out you can’t use Facebook quite as I had hoped) and turn them into a sweet timeline-story on a website called Storify.

I did this.

But I hit a snag: Storify is in the early days of linking its site with WordPress, and don’t have all the bugs worked out. So, I cannot post the Storify timeline directly onto the page. Instead, I have to link it.

Not the end of the world, but not ideal.

Update on my condition three weeks later: I have run a few times, but I really did a number on my knees in the marathon. Today, I jump into my next training period; a 13-week program designed to have me running a marathon in Overland Park November 20, and running it 45 minutes or more faster than my SF time.

If my knees aren’t there this week, I’m in doo-doo.


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