Even splits better than negative splits?

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I published my last entry, which included great acclaim for negative splits, and already Runner’s World has me doubting myself. In this story about knowing when to use a surge during a race is this tidbit:

Do you think this guy used negative splits, or even splits? Either way, I cannot stop laughing at this goon. This is some Joe after a marathon.

The fastest races are run with even splits. Indeed, world records reveal that, statistically, fast, steady speed yields the best performances. 

That literally couldn’t be more the opposite of what I quoted Grant as saying. So I ask: What the butt??

I think you’d be hard-pressed to find world records that weren’t beaten with the last leg being the fastest. It could also be that even splits vs. negative splits comes down to taste. I have a feeling I’m a negative split guy, because I hate going out too fast.

This just goes to show you: No one knows what the hell they’re talking about.


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