Lucky S.O.B.

This is one of the “all-timer” jobs (or at least temporary job) that when you hear about it you say, “Luckyyy!” Sam the former Navy man competes in 30 different sports for 30 consecutive days in 30 different cities (Only days 1-5 are currently posted), deftly named The Unstoppable Tour. I’m guessing he was a Navy Seal, because he swims 2.5 miles across the Hudson River in 43 minutes. Navy Seals are top-flight swimmers, and when he heard what the day’s sport was, he looked relieved and acted like it was an off day. This same swim would have taken me something like an hour and fifteen minutes. #newgoal

As a journalist and writer, I could have blogged the hell out of this. When will a nutrition company sponsor me to do awesome shit all day long? Luckyyy!

This is the trailer to this man’s journey. Click the link above to watch all his five-minute episodes.

His adventure gets off to a rough start. I could feel the frustration in his face trying to get in a kayak in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but he sticks with it and overcomes. If I were sponsored to do awesome shit all day long, I’d make sure to stick with it also. $$$

There are plenty of product placements, but EAS wasn’t campy about them. A physical therapist helps the guy get ready every day, and they break down what the supplements will do for him and what his body needs to do be prepared. These tidbits are good primers for athletic preparation. You can take away something valuable from watching these. And maybe EAS can take away something valuable from you in the process. $$$

It’s also valuable to see what little sleep and constant exercise can do to a person. Without telling you, it really highlights why days off are just as important as big workout days. Your body must heel to rebuild. Remember that. Schedule at least a day off in your weekly workout plans. Never do seven days a week. Your body will never forgive you.

One thing I was very happy to see was his daily diet at the bottom of every video. This can be super helpful for people trying to see how to eat affectively when you workout almost daily.

Perhaps the best thing it does is inspire you to try something new. I watched the trailer and wanted to go rock climbing and swim the Hudson. How does someone reserve the Hudson River for a couple hours?


MMA Push-up Circuit

Men’s Health is a great place to find the latest workout trends. They’re the NASA of fitness and health. Check out this video they posted on one of their blogs. This would be a perfect chest and core workout for someone who doesn’t have access to weights on a particular day.

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