Sunday’s workout

Here’s my thought: Instead of trying to be a trainer and prescribe a workout for everyone, and given that everyone has different workout needs, I’ll post what I did the day before. My workout is based on the circuit I came up with after learning dozens of workouts over the last four years. It’s a highly adaptable and interchangeable workout where I can do a variation of an exercise depending on my mood. Here’s what I did yesterday. Maybe you could do something similar?

If you don’t recognize an exercise, you might be able to Google it. For ones where I don’t know the actual name, I’ve given instructions.


Swim 100 M warmup

Swim 25 M; hop out and do lunges (20 each side); swim 25 M back; hop out and do In-and-out bicep curls (10 in, 10 out, 17.5 lbs dumbbells): repeat

Swim 25 M; hop out and do one-legged, close-grip pushups (25); swim 25 M back; hop out and do calf raise squats with shoulder press (20 reps, 17.5 lbs dumbbells): repeat

1 minute break

Swim 25 M; reverse lunge (20 each leg); swim 25 M back; deep swimmers press (10-15, 20 lbs rubber bands): repeat

For convenience, swim 50M; hop out and do 40 second wall sit (10 sec. both leg sit, 10 sec. left leg sit, 10 sec. right leg sit, 10 sec. both leg sit); then immediately do two angle shoulder flies (10 reps each angle, 20 lbs rubber bands): repeat

1 minute break

Swim 25 M; split-jumps (20 each leg); swim 25 M back; static arm curls (10 each arm, 20 lbs rubber bands): repeat

100 M sprint.

I took about 10 or 15 minutes to change into normal gym clothes, then I headed into the weight room to finish off with some more shoulder/leg/bi/tri/core routines.

Power set: overhead balance squat (holding 45 lbs barbell over head, 10 squats)/ floor wipers (95 lbs, 10 reps each side)/I don’t know what this is called, but I wrapped a 20 lbs rubber band around a medium height pole, then did a shoulder pull back (hands finish behind ears), then a twist and extension to the left (like swinging a baseball bat, but bringing your hands from knee-height to face-height… works legs, core, shoulders, and tris… my favorite workout of the day), then the same twist, but to the right: repeat twice

Powerset: Triceps extension (10 each, 20 lbs rubber bands); one-legged bodyweight lunge, with back foot balanced on bench behind me: repeat

Final powerset: Dumbbell power clean into a shoulder press then into bicep curl (10 reps, 20 lbs); long bar cable pull down (stand next to cable, pull bar down while flexing core until bar reaches pelvis; 10 reps, 80 lbs): repeat

Yeah, that’s a lot to digest. It took me about 1:45 to finish it all, but it was Sunday and I had the time. I slept hard last night, if you couldn’t guess.


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