Finding the motivation to get addicted.

I’ve been on vacation. I’ve worked overtime. And I’ve been a little lazy. I need motivation.

I should clarify something I wrote in my first post. Refusing to Get Fat is not a success story. I do not look like Tyler Durden, yet.

This is a life-and-time’s story. A place to blabber about what I’m trying. And what I’m trying to do is stay motivated to work out, and work out hard and get in my best shape ever.

I’ve started my circuit, cross-training plan I described earlier, and it’s been brutal so far. But I’m telling you, it works. I’m two days from being done with the first week of my circuit, and I absolutely feel stronger, and am seeing the beginning shapes of my triathlon form returning. That may not be the case for beginners, as what I’m seeing isn’t new muscle, but old muscle rejuvenated. If I can get motivated to go today, I’ll likely go every day I’m scheduled to for the next four months. Scary.

There are so many studies that show fitness is addictive. It’s beyond speculation and now fact, though it obviously isn’t as strong as an addiction as some vices.

Nick and I were training for a race last summer. We had probably trained 40 of the last 45-50 days. Nick walks in from work (we’re roommates and morons) and says, “I feel like running an hour.”

We ran something like eight miles moderately spur of the moment. Why? Addiction. Easy workouts weren’t enough for us anymore. We needed more and needed it right then. When we were done, we went to the gym and did core exercises.

The most difficult motivation you need to obtain in the world of fitness is the motivation to stick with what you started a few days earlier. Going in the first time is easy. Day three sucks ass. How do you stay motivated past day three? There are dozens of ways I’m sure. Here are mine:


Yeah, yeah. Kiss my ass.

Every time I see Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Ryan Kwanten in True Blood, Daniel Craig in the 007 movies,

Laugh all you want, but when I see my favorite True Blood character Jason Stackhouse crushing in flag football, my brain tells me, "Gym. Now."

or any cast member from 300, I become immediately juiced.

“F*ck yes,” I roar! “I wanna look like that.”

I should clarify: My vanity is different than the pure sense of the word. It’s a competition for me. I want to look better than I have, and come summer, I want to look better than the jabrone passed out in the pool on his Natty Light raft. Everything I do is competitive. It’s my essence. My father was a coach and my little brother was naturally bigger and stronger than me. I had plenty of competitors in my every-day life.

I’m exhausted at the moment. Nick and I burned the candle at both ends, then microwaved it Saturday night (something I need to slow down if I’m going to peak physically). I wound up sleeping in Sunday, then couldn’t sleep last night. Thus, I’m fading like a dying star today. Earlier I considered packing it in when I got home, but I’m competitive and want to look money. How did I motivate myself to go home and go the gym? Sounds homo-erotic, but it works; I looked at photos of my physical idols. They’re ripped, and if I want to be, than I’m not taking today off.

I check in with my physical idols from time to time, to keep me going. But I won’t need them as much as I am slowly becoming re-addicted to the gym. Make it through that first week, and you can make it for months on end.

A race or event

This goes back to what I said about triathlons. It is a definitive goal that requires lots of preparation to complete, and leaves you looking and feeling awesome. That alone is enough to get you started. If you need motivation go harder on a particular day, dip into your iPod.

Plenty of studies show that listening to up-tempo music helps you work out up-tempo. Some days I’m not in the mood for up tempo, so I’ll listen to something equally as epic, just not so raucous, like movie soundtracks (Inception, Star Wars, Last of the Mohicans).

If you believe in some form of god, then believe that Being gave you Girl Talk’s “All Day” album solely to help you make it through a workout. It’s just over an hour long and nothing but mega beats and loud lyrics. It’s perfect for working out. Sublime, really.


This really hasn’t come into play for me . I try to eat healthy and be healthy, but it’s not out of necessity, yet. I want to be healthy, but I won’t die tomorrow if I don’t get X amount of time of cardio. But if you do, think of the people who love you, then don’t let them down by doing something stupid like dying from laziness.

Find what motivates you. Now go work out.


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