Eat your effing breakfast.

An amazing number I crossed in Mens Health today: “Regularly skipping breakfast increases your risk of obesity by 450 percent.”

The story recommends eating a 500-700 calorie breakfast, where there is a significant protein presence (i.e. eggs, whey, milk, cheese, meat).

My breakfast routine has been boring, but that’s because I found a breakfast I like. Two over-medium eggs (I don’t use one of the yolks to avoid high cholesterol. #notakidanymore), southwest hashbrowns, two pieces of bacon, and a glass of chocolate milk with espresso dumped in it.

From there, you should space out your meals and between-meal snacks, and always include protein. I could go into the why’s, but I’ll do that some other day.

Goal today: Workout through my soreness from yesterday’s Spartacus workout, which I did because I knew it would be a good sparkplug before jumping into my circuit I previously described.


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